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German Pavilion at MARINTEC CHINA 2017

5 – 8 December 2017 – Shanghai, P. R. China

Becker Marine Systems GmbH

Booth number: N2F31-02

Becker Marine Systems GmbH
Blohmstr. 23
21079 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 24199-0
Fax: +49 40 2801899

E-mail: info@becker-marine-systems.com
Internet: www.becker-marine-systems.com


SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co KG

Booth number: N2F31-06

300 employees at the company site in Kaufungen develop, produce and market high-precision measuring instruments, calibrators and sensors for temperature, flow, level, force, weight and pressure, all in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

Worldwide representatives and the company’s own subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, China, Korea, Indonesia and the USA ensure that customers benefit from competent local contact persons, short communication paths and perfect service.

Measuring instruments:
Industrial thermometers, dial thermometers and temperature sensors for exhaustgas- and cooling water temperature measurement
Pressure gauges and pressure sensors, calibration instruments
Oval gear flow meters for fuel- and oil consumption measurement e.g. as incylinder oil lubrication
Magnetic inductive flow sensors for urea dosing, cooling-, ballast- and bilge watermeasurement
Hanging scales, force- and weight measurement instruments

SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co KG
Struthweg 7-9
34260 Kaufungen

Phone: +49 5605 803-0
Fax: +49 5605 803-555

E-mail: info@sika.net
Internet: www.sika.net