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Körting Hannover AG

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About us

Körting Hannover AG designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of ejectors, regardless of the field of application or which material quality or design will be required.

The best solution for your individual application:
• pumping liquids
• conveying solids
• compressing gases
• heating liquids
• ventilating
• evacuating

All Körting ejectors are customised according to the actually required performance data. Our ejectors will be designed exactly for your field of application. An extensive unit assembly system enables us also to customise our ejectors for all standard connection types. By using high quality materials Körting ejectors are fully resistant to the chemical impact of any medium. Our ejectors rarely need maintenance and they are ready for use at any time.

We are the leading company of ejector technology in shipbuilding industry and at the same time the oldest manufacturer of ejectors at all.

Products and services

Körting Hannover AG designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of ejectors, regardless of the field of application or which material quality or design will be required:

  • bilge and ballast ejectors for stationary applications
  • bilge ejectors for mobile and stationary applications
  • portable bilge ejectors for mobile applications
  • liquid jet vacuum ejectors for stationary applications
  • tandem jet ejectors for stationary application on sea water evaporators
  • waste water aeration systems for ships
bilge and ballast ejectors (liquid jet liquid ejectors)

bilge and ballast ejectors (liquid jet liquid ejectors)

• dry-running stripping systems for the stripping of the forepeak, chain lockers, cofferdams, bow thruster room, engine room, cargo rooms, cargo rooms for dangerous goods (EX-proofed)
• bilge and stripping of ballast tanks
• portable ejectors
• crude oil ejectors

Liquid jet vacuum ejectors

Liquid jet vacuum ejectors

• ejectors for start-up-aspiration of main pumps
• degassing system for dredging-pumps
• vacuum service for freshwater-generators
• ventilating of cargo holds
• aeration of water treatment plants
• ejectors for fresh water generation

Special customised ejectors

Special customised ejectors

• gas jet vacuum ejector for start-evacuating of non-self priming mechanical pumps, degassing of cargo rooms, pumping of powder, granulated solids, evacuating of vacuum systems
• steam jet heaters for producing warm water to serve marine evaporators or for wash down of tanks and cargo rooms
• steam jet ejectors as vacuum-ejectors for main- and auxiliary condensers and concentrators for stick water on board of fish-fabricating trawlers
• mixing nozzles for the mixing of product tanks


Körting Hannover AG
Badenstedter Str. 56
30453 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 2129-0
Fax: +49 511 2129-223

Markus Kampers
Project and sales engineer shipbuilding applications
Phone: +49 511 2129-446

SKF Marine Hong Kong Ltd
Unit 2210-11, 22/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point
Hong Kong SAR
P.R. China

Phone: +852 31 817830
Fax: +852 25 412171

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